• Angellite Farinella Pommeraye

    AKA Fafa…A wonderfully typed chocolate torbie point girl with gorgeous blue eyes. Fafa is a discrete and quiet girl and an excellent mother. Born at our friend Tami Marie from Angellite Dillon and Pommeraye Pénélope Fafa is a pleasure whose favourite cuddle time is early morning.

    If you're interested to get Farinella please contact us here.

  • La Pommeraye Bella,

    A daughter of Farinella and Frosty, twin to her mom, choco cream silver torbie with soulful eyes and a shy but sweet personality. Her first litter will be due in fall 2012 with new stud Chester, a baby issue from our old lines kept alive and well by Tami Marie Parrington. Chester is a grandson of Pommeraye Calisane, herself a granddaughter of Jadorra de Puy Cerda . Chester 's dad is Flavio des grands Moghols de Françoise Pons-Mourrassot…Chester is a teddy bear all round and cuddly. Cannot wait to welcome his babies !
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